Apr 03, 2024

NemaFence® your first line of defence with beneficial nematodes

In a bid to help customers better navigate its growing beneficial nematode range, Biobest has branded these products under the new umbrella name NemaFence®.  

The first product to be rebranded was NemaFence® Phasma. Launched in 2023 for the rapid and effective control of slugs, it contains a new nematode species, Phasmarhabditis californica

The rebranding is now entering its second phase and has been extended to Biobest’s other entomopathogenic nematode products.

NemaFence® Felti, replacing Steinernema-System, contains Steinernema feltiae for the effective control of fungus gnats, thrips, shore fly and South American tomato moth.

NemaFence® Carpo, replacing Carpocapsae-System, contains Steinernema carpocapsae for the control of  pest larvae - such as caterpillar, codling and Duponchelia moth as well as fungus gnats and shore fly. 

NemaFence® Green, replacing B-Green, contains Heterorhabditis bacteriophora for controlling soil-dwelling chafer and black vine weevil grubs. 

Aside from NemaFence® Phasma, these three newly rebranded products are unchanged in all but their name,” says Ines De Craecker, product manager for beneficials. “Containing the same nematode species as before, they are just as efficacious, and the packs are stored and handled in the same way.

In the past, it wasn’t always easy to identify our nematode controls purely by their product names. The new NemaFence® branding will help customers quickly identify and navigate our expanding portfolio.

Demand for beneficial nematode products continues to grow steeply,” says Ines. “With a dwindling range of chemical crop protection products at their disposal, growers and groundsmen are increasingly turning to beneficial nematodes to control certain challenging pests. As such these products have huge growth potential for the future.”