High-tech solutions

Revolutionising pest management through data-driven approaches, our innovative high-tech solutions aid growers in producing high quality, pest-free crops - while improving the efficiency and sustainability of horticultural and agricultural businesses.

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Challenges to overcome

The rising cost, scarcity and turnover of labour strongly contrasts with the need of our industry for ‘big data’, to make well-informed IPM decisions. Fast and accurate collection of crop scouting and monitoring data, and the organisation and display of this data in a way that facilitates precise decision-making, becomes imperative in mitigating these challenges. 

Benefits of high-tech solutions

With the support of these high-tech tools, existing scouting teams can cover more ground - contributing to the scalability and the transparency of scouting activities in different facilities, even if not in the same geographical location. They also reduce the challenge of recruiting and training crop scouts.

Automated and real-time pest monitoring enables early detection, facilitating timely intervention and reducing reliance on chemical pesticides, thus enhancing the success of IPM programmes.

Providing a real-time overview of individual greenhouses, growers and advisers can visualise pest pressure and beneficial population dynamics using smartphones or tablets.  This structured view of scouting data enables personalised IPM tailored to individual greenhouses - even in remote settings.

When to use

The need for high-tech solutions persists year-round, throughout the entire crop cycle.  However, these solutions are most important at the start of the crop cycle, typically in spring, when pests first emerge.

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