Our mission is to contribute to global sustainable production of high-value crops by being the most reliable partner in biological crop protection and pollination. 

Discover our milestones

Capital investment and further UK & US expansion


  • €98.5 million investment from Sofina to leverage further growth.
  • Fully acquires Real IPM UK.
  • Subsidiary Beneficial Insectary Inc (USA) acquires distributor Sierra Biological Inc.
  • Biobest completes acquisition of BioWorks (North America)
  • Biobest steps up presence in Austria through acquisition of Agrotech Gartenbautechnik Gmbh
  • Biobest signs agreement with Aqua Capital and GIC to acquire Biotrop in Brazil

New capital investment, acquisitions & prestigious award


  • New investment from Sofina to leverage growth.
  • Micromus-System wins GreenTech Innovation Award. Pronemite wins Bernard Blum Award.
  • Sales reach €300 million.
  • Acquisitions - invests in Plant Products (Canada) and Biopartner sp z.o.o. (Poland).
  • Acquires Agronologica Unip Lda (Portugal).

Australian expansion


  • Acquires majority stake in subsidiary Biological Services (Australia). Biological Services joins forces with BioResources.
  • Invests in Arugga and gains distribution of pollination robots in US/Canada.
  • Strategic partnership with Biotalys.

North American expansion & major award


  • Acquires Beneficial Insectary Inc.
  • Eupeodes-System wins Bernard Blum Award.

Norwegian expansion


Acquires majority stake in Pollinering AS.

Export Lion, new capital investment & additional expansion


  • Winner of export Lion.
  • €10 million investment from Mérieux to fuel expansion
  • Acquires majority share in Yad Mordechai Pollination Services (Israel), acquires BKS AS (Turkey) and stake in Bugs for Bugs Pty Ltd (Australia).
  • Sales reach €100 million.

30-year anniversary - busy year for acquisitions


  • Acquires Real IPM Kenya Ltd (Kenya), Borregaard Bioplant ApS (Denmark), Biobasiq Sverige AB (Sweden), IMEX SA de CV (Mexico), IVOG Biotechnical Systems Gmbh (Germany), Symbiose Protection Biologique (France).
  • Real IPM Tanzania founded.
  • 30-year anniversary.

UK expansion


  • Biobest UK founded.
  • Sales reach €50 million.

Further expansion


Biobest Nederland BV created and Bug Factory Ltd. Canada acquired.

Chinese expansion


Biobest China Ltd. founded.

Expansion in America


Biobest USA Inc. and Biobest Argentina SA founded.

Mexican expansion


Biobest Mexico SA de CV founded.

New owners


Roland de Jonghe leaves Biobest and new owners, Floridienne, come on board.

Biocontrol sales soar


Biocontrol sales overtake bumblebee sales.

French expansion


Biobest France SARL founded.

Spanish expansion


Biobest Sistemas Biologicos SL (Spain) founded.

First cooperations


  • Joint ventures in Morocco and Turkey.
  • First biopesticide registration.

Import ban leads to first subsidiary


North America bans bumblebee imports-Biobest Canada Ltd founded.

Prestigious award


Export award received from Prince Albert II.

Demand takes off


Bumblebees demand from tomato growers takes off – thanks to labour cost, yield & quality improvements.

Biobest founded


Roland de Jonghe – veterinarian & bumblebee enthusiast sets up Biobest.

In 1987, veterinarian Roland De Jonghe started breeding bumblebees in his own garage to pollinate tomatoes organically. He was fascinated by the wonderful world of bumblebees used as biological pollinators, an alternative to manual pollination.

As Biobest Group we operate under the following brands:


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