Scouting and monitoring

Effective IPM starts with regular scouting, a fundamental first step. Timely identification of a pest's initial presence in a crop is crucial. Additionally, a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics between pest and beneficial populations is indispensable for the success of a crop program. 

Monitoring tools help growers improve the accuracy and efficiency of their scouting activities. Sticky traps and roller traps, available in a spectrum of colours, cater to insects’ varied preferences, while pheromone traps have species-specific lures.

Challenges to overcome

Optimising IPM programmes requires a precise understanding of pest and beneficial populations in the crop. Given their small size, and tendency to hide, accurately assessing levels is challenging and time-consuming - but crucial for obtaining accurate and representative data for the entire crop.

Benefits of scouting and monitoring

Strategically placed at regular intervals in the crop, monitoring solutions actively enhance routine scouting, helping to ensure early pest detection and standardise data collection. This efficient approach saves time and labour while helping to improve the accuracy of IPM programmes - enabling tailored adjustments based on real-time conditions in the crop.

When do we use it?

Regular scouting and monitoring should be carried out from the beginning to the end of the crop production cycle.

Collaboration between Biobest and Microflor

In this video, we interview Amelien, Crop manager at Microflor, and Bart, Crop specialist at Biobest, as they talk about their collaboration and Microflor’s new commitment with Biobest to become completely residue-free. They also discuss the importance of monitoring and scouting with the use of sticky traps and protecting the crop with e.g., ASPERELLO® and Micromus-System.

Discover Biobest’s scouting & monitoring tools

Effective pest management begins with robust monitoring and scouting practices. Biobest offers a diverse array of tools, ranging from low-tech to high-tech solutions, designed to assist growers in achieving their crop management objectives. These tools enable early detection of potential issues, thereby minimising scouting time and enhancing overall efficiency within the greenhouse.

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