Mar 15, 2024

Biobest's sustainability drive earns top honours at Changemakers Awards

Biobest Group N.V. ("Biobest”) is delighted to share that it has been distinguished with two major rewards at the Changemakers Awards, organised by De Tijd, L'Echo, and BNP Paribas Fortis. The company has been recognised with the 'Established Companies' award for its pioneering sustainability initiatives in agriculture, and the 'Audience Award', showcasing the public's strong support for Biobest's commitment to eco-friendly agricultural solutions. 

From its inception focusing on bumblebee breeding, Biobest has evolved into an global leader in biological crop protection. This transformation highlights their commitment to advancing agricultural practices in harmony with environmental and biodiversity conservation. Through expanding their offerings beyond pollination, including a diverse range of biological control solutions such as beneficial insects, mites, and biopesticides. Biobest addresses the critical demand for sustainable alternatives to conventional chemical pesticides.  

Jean-Marc Vandoorne, CEO of Biobest Group, reflected on the awards: "This recognition from the Changemakers Awards reflects the collective drive and passion of our teams around the world towards integrating sustainability at the core of our operations. It's a testament to our commitment to nurturing a healthier planet through innovative agricultural practices.

The Changemakers Awards, dedicated to recognising Belgian companies for their impactful contributions towards a sustainable economy, showcased Biobest's leadership. From over 250 entries, Biobest emerged victorious, securing both the 'Established Companies' award presented by a jury of academics and captains of industry, and the ‘Audience Award’ received from the readership of Belgium's most renowned business newspapers. This dual achievement underscores the significant industry and public support for Biobest's commitment to eco-friendly agricultural solutions. 
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