02. Juli 2022

Biobest Bio-Boxes – what benefits do they offer?

 Growers have two options for introducing beneficials supplied in bulk or as loose material – directly on to the leaf or via our Biobest Bio-Boxes - which provide an efficient alternative while offering additional benefits.

So what are they?

A small cardboard box with a hook, the Bio-Box can be conveniently hung in any crop near to pest hot spots. The beneficials are simply dispensed in a thin layer, approximately 1-2 cm thick, into the cartons.

“The Bio-Box is particularly useful in crops with narrow or hanging leaves – those where it is challenging for beneficials to remain in situ after sprinkling and even fall to the ground,” explains Paco Lozano, Knowledge Manager at Biobest Academy. “Also, for crops such as flowering ornamentals and herbs where carrier residue is unsightly, or medicinal crops where leaves, buds and flowers need to be debris free.”

Ideal for immobile life stages

“Bio-Boxes are especially useful for introducing immobile life stages, such as hoverfly pupae – for example Eupeodes-System or Sphaerophoria-System as well as mummies of Aphidius-System or Ervi-System and pupae of Encarsia-System or Eretmocerus-System. They are also ideal for nymphal stages of predatory bugs such as Macrolophus-System and Orius-System.”

Bio-Box benefits

“While preventing immobile beneficials falling to the ground and keeping crops clean of carrier material, equally spaced in the crop Bio-Boxes can help improve overall distribution of beneficials across crop rows and ultimately the greenhouse,” says Paco. “By having fixed introduction spots throughout the crop helps growers dispense equal doses.”

“By hanging these release boxes within the plant canopy, they also play a valuable role reducing the environmental exposure of the beneficials. All these factors work together to help growers optimise their control strategies.”