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Well-established, Orius laevigatus adults and nymphs are voracious predators of mobile thrips stages.  

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Orius-System – an established cornerstone of thrips control strategies

Successfully used in Europe for over two decades

  • Well-established thrips controlOrius laevigatus has been successfully used in Europe for over 20 years
  • Both adults and nymphs are predatory – eat all mobile thrips stages
  • Voracious predator - single Orius nymph easily devours 50 thrips larvae, while single adult kills up to 20 thrips larvae, or 6 thrips adults, per day
  • Generalist – can also eat aphids, spider mites, whiteflies and moth eggs
  • Can be used preventatively in pollen bearing crops - adults and nymphs can survive on pollen
  • Supplied in 100% biodegradable packaging – simplifying waste disposal

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