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Efficient parasitic wasp, Encarsia formosa controls greenhouse whitefly and tobacco Bemisia whitefly by host feeding and parasitising larvae.  

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Encarsia-System - the cornerstone of whitefly control

Prolific, powerful parasitic wasp that also host feeds

  • Effective control of greenhouse and tobacco whiteflies - Trialeurodes vaporariorum and Bemisia tabaci
  • Prefers tobacco whitefly – targets both species but shows preference for Trialeurodes vaporariorum
  • Highly efficacious - targets different pest larval stages through parasitism or host-feeding
  • Fast population development – parasitoid population builds up quicker than pest
  • Highly efficient – lay eggs in non-parasitised (controlled) older whitefly larvae
  • Works at lower temperature – active from 18°C.

How this highly efficient wasp operates

  • Female wasps parasitise older larvae - will actively search for whitefly larvae and lay their eggs inside the larvae
  • Wasp host feeds on young larvae – prefers second pest larval stage.

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