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Widely used in tomatoes, this generalist bug is a voracious predator of whiteflies and Tuta absoluta

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Macrolophus–System – generalist whitefly predator widely deployed in tomatoes

Also targets tomato leafminer and aphids

  • Efficient at controlling various pests – adult Macrolophus predates on whitefly eggs, larvae and pupae, Tuta absoluta eggs and larvae as well as aphids
  • Voracious appetite - eats about 50 whitefly larvae/eggs a day
  • Provides preventative protection - in absence of prey use alternative food sources Nutrimac™ Plus and Artemac™
  • Well adapted to crops with glandular leaf hairs – widely used in tomato
  • Supplied in 100% biodegradable packaging - making waste disposal easier

Occasional crop damage warning

Macrolophus can occassionally cause poor fruit set, flower drop, irregularly formed flowers, fruit or trusses and feeding spots on fruit.

Be cautious when the following conditions occur:

  • Large population - 100+ Macrolophus on entire plant or 50+ in plant head
  • No prey available
  • Reduced fruit set - caused by unfavourable climatic conditions or strong vegetative growth
  • Sensitive crops and varieties - such as cherry and small-truss tomato types

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