Based on Artemia spp., helps optimise population development of predatory bugs in periods of low prey densities.  

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Artemac™ - gets predatory bugs working harder

Supplementary feed facilitating population development of predatory bugs at low pest densities

  • Provides alternative food source – based on cysts of the brine shrimp Artemia spp., Artemac is recommended for use with predatory bugs - such as Macrolophus-System and Nesidiocoris-System when food is scarce
  • Complete food – feeds adult predatory bugs as well as nymphs
  • Optimises control programme - cost feasible, full-field applications increase offspring and enhance population dispersion and maintenance in the crop
  • Aids preventative approach - boosts establishment at low prey densities helping to create a ‘standing army’ of predators
  • Part of feeding strategy - Artemac is used after the boosting effect of Nutrimac™ & Nutrimac-Plus.

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