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Predatory thrips, Franklinothrips vespiformis, for the control of leaf-dwelling thrips species.

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Vespiformis-System – Elevate your thrips control

Franklinothrips vespiformis, your ally in the fight against invasive leaf-dwelling thrips

  • Immediate & Continuous control – both Franklinothrips vespiformis adults and larvae are predatory
  • Targeted actionFranklinothrips vespiformis is leaf-dwelling, targeting invasive thrips where they reside – on the leaf
  • True generalist – they directly prey upon eggs, larval ánd adults stages of a wide range of harmful thrips species
  • Fast population growth – populations of Franklinothrips vespiformis predominantly consist of females with each female laying a total of up to 300 eggs over their entire lifespan
  • Teams up to optimise control – can be used in combination with and complementary to other existing natural enemies such as Orius-System and predatory mites

How are growers benefiting

  • They consume a wide range of thrips species, including Western Flower Thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis) but also leaf-dwelling thrips such as poinsettia thrips (Echinothrips americanus), Japanese flower thrips (Thrips setosus), tobacco thrips (Thrips parvispinus), orchid thrips (Chaetanophothrips orchidii) and chilli thrips (Scirtothrips dorsalis)
  • Works well in sweet pepper and ornamental crops
  • Supplied in 100% biodegradable packaging, making waste disposal easier

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