Effective vaccination against Pepino Mosaic Virus for tomato crops. Acts quickly, protects crop from damage and yield loss to end of growing cycle. 

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PMV-01- Year-round vaccination strategy against PepMV

Fast-acting protection from damage and associated yield loss

  • Protects tomato crops against PepMV damage and yield loss – protection from potentially devastating virus
  • Sustainable biological solution – EU authorised plant protection product compatible with biological control strategies
  • Preventative action – vaccine that works through cross-protection
  • Fast acting - PMV®-01 contains unique, mild and stable CH2 PepMV isolate, which colonizes plant quickly
  • Full season control - protects crop until end of the growing cycle
  • Reliable - based on many years of scientific research
  • Part of complete vaccination strategy – employ with good hygiene measures

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