Pepino mosaic virus is a common, highly infectious disease of greenhouse tomato crops. Widespread worldwide, it causes severe damage and economic loss.

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  • Pepino mosaic virus (PepMV) is common disease in greenhouse tomato crops
  • Widespread worldwide, it causes severe damage and economic impact
  • Highly infectious – it is mainly transmitted through contact between infected and healthy plants at propagation, during grafting and via tools, hands or clothing

Damage caused

  • Marbling of tomato fruit causes extensive damage and reduces market value
  • Typical symptoms – nettle-heads, chlorosis, yellow spots on tomato leaves, leaf mosaics and brown calyxes
  • PepMV can aggravate physiological disorder symptoms – such as fruit discoloration, open fruits and leaf blistering
  • PepMV causes quality losses of 4 to 15 % and production losses of 4 to 12%


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