Pheromone caps

Wide range of species-specific pheromone products to attract insect pests. Combine cap with appropriate trap for detection / monitoring of specific pests.    

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Pheromone caps – species-specific attractants for detecting / monitoring insect pests

Wide range available for different pests

A pheromone is a substance secreted by many organisms, including insects, to communicate. The composition of pheromones is species specific and can trigger a certain behavioural response in individuals. Depending on the type of the pheromone it repels or attracts individuals from that species. Pheromones that attract are often used to detect and monitor certain pests. When the lure is combined with a trap such as the delta trap, the number of moths can easily be monitored on the sticky inserts.

  • Wide range of traps and lures available for different pests
  • Efficient monitoring - rubber dispenser capsules contain species-specific insect pest pheromone
  • Early detection - combine attractant pheromone with appropriate trap to detect infestation and monitor population size and development
  • Long lasting - remains effective for 4 to 6 weeks

Please note:

Avoid contact of pheromone lures with hands, when introduced to trap.

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