Automated real-time monitoring of flying moth pests, saving scouting time. Early detection enables timely intervention. 

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PATS-C – reliable automated real-time scouting of flying moth pests

Fast, easy and accurate – helps boost crop quality while saving costs

  • Reliable automated flying moth pest tracking – uses infrared camera system to deliver real-time scouting of flying insects during the night
  • Saves time – reduces scouting rounds in protected crops
  • Promotes timely intervention – uses high frequency to monitor pests at early stage - detecting outbreaks up to 5 weeks earlier than existing scouting solutions
  • Helps reduce unnecessary crop losses - and use of costly resources
  • Easy to install – plug and play with software and integrated 4G connectivity
  • Helps interpret data - user friendly PATS-C dashboard displays population monitoring data collected over time
  • Suitable for all protected crops – works well in high-tech and low-tech production systems
  • Focuses on moth pests – helps stop caterpillars from wreaking havoc
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