Highly effective corrective measure for IPM programmes. Physically-acting, it immediately immobilises & rapidly eliminates a.o. spider mite, aphid, whitefly & thrips.

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Mumminet® – fast and effective corrective measure for problem pests

Physically acting, it fits in well to IPM programmes

  • Highly effective IPM corrective measure – residue free alternative to chemical crop protection products
  • Combats problem pests – Mumminet® is effective against spider mites, aphids, whitefly & thrips
  • Physical mode of action – silicon polymers create thin, sticky net over pests
  • Fast-acting – quickly immobilises insects/mites and rapidly eliminates them
  • Dead pests fall off leaves – washed off by rainfall/overhead irrigation
  • No pest resistance – no active ingredient, so pests unable to build up resistance
  • Wide range of applications – Mumminet® recommended for use in vegetable crops, fruit trees, berries & ornamentals

Optimise results from Mumminet®

  • Always spray on dry crop - Mumminet® needs to dry quickly, ideally relative humidity should be below 65%. Do not use if rain expected within 6 hours
  • Use at first sign of pest – if pests reappear, repeat treatment after 7 days
  • Before tank mixing Mumminet® - consult your Biobest advisor for advice

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