McPhail Trap®

Reusable, funnel-shaped pheromone trap for reliable detection / monitoring of a range of fruit fly pests / mosquitoes. Careful monitoring enables ideally timed intervention.   

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McPhail Trap - reliable funnel-shaped pheromone trap for monitoring fruit fly pests

Robust, reusableand reliable

  • Effective fly and mosquito monitoring - specially designed inverted funnel trap used in combination with a pheromone to attract target insects
  • Multipurpose – for timely detection of a new infestation, monitoring existing population size
  • Intervene at ideal moment - with careful monitoring, detect infestations early
  • Reusable - robust trap made of durable plastic
  • Use outdoors – ideal for use in field-grown crops

How does the robust McPhail Trap® work?

  • Fill trap base with soapy water, add a liquid attractant if necessary
  • Place the lure in the dispenser
  • Attracted to the pheromone, flies/mosquitoes enter the inverted funnel
  • Once inside, they remain trapped - attracted by the pheromone and light
  • Flies tire, fall into the soapy solution and drown

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