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Voracious predatory rove beetle, Atheta coriaria controls fungus gnats, shore fly & springtail larvae, moth eggs/larvae & thrips pupae in substrates.  

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Atheta-System – predatory beetle dispatching harmful soil insects

Dalotia (Atheta) coriaria works well in different substrates

  • Effective against harmful soil pests - fungus gnat, shore fly and springtails larvae, plus moth larvae and thrips pupae
  • Highly efficient – both adults and larvae of the rove beetle predate on pests
  • Disperses well in the crop – winged beetles are highly mobile searching for food
  • Homes in on prey - attracted by smell from affected plants and organic material harbouring pests
  • Works well in different substrates – growing media, coir and rock wool
  • Keeps working – Atheta does not hibernate (diapause) in protected crops.

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