Shore fly

Small swarming pest, often found near water, that feeds on rotting organic material /algae leaving excrement on plants - reducing quality.

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  • Found throughout Middle East and Mediterranean 
  • Rhynchophorus ferrugineus causes severe damage to certain palm tree species – such as Phoenix
  • Eggs are elongated, cream-coloured and found in the crown
  • Full-grown cream larvae (5cm) are found in the trunk - legless and cone-shaped 
  • Adult moths (2-5cm) are reddish brown, with black spots and dark red wings with long vertical grooves. Head and snout take up 1/3 of length

Life cycle

  • Females deposit up to 300 eggs – at palm tree base
  • Several development stages: egg, 3 to 7 larval stages, pupa and adult
  • Larvae bore into the trunk – feed on palm tissue
  • Pale brown pupae emerge from cocoons made from palm fibres – live 2 to 3 weeks
  • Each stage found inside the palm tree.

Damage caused

  • Larvae cause most damage - live in the trunk, while adults feed on leaves
  • First signs hard to recognise
  • Boreholes appear in crown and trunk - with brown, viscous liquid and chewed fibres protruding
  • Palm tree rots inside - leaves turn yellow and wilt
  • By the time damage is visible, palm tree is already dying.


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