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As GM you have the overall responsibility for managing the Company. As an affiliate of Biobest Group NV you report to the Market and Sales Development Manager of the Biobest Group NV and work very closely with members of the C-board and the global executive committee in their respective areas of responsibility.

General Manager Biobest (Germany)

Your mission

As GM you have the overall responsibility for managing the Company. As an affiliate of Biobest Group NV you report to the Market and Sales Development Manager of the Biobest Group NV and work very closely with members of the C-board and the global executive committee in their respective areas of responsibility.


You work as an inspiring entrepreneur and with a hands-on mentality in close cooperation with the local management team to ensure coordinated action of the entire organization towards agreed objectives.

  • You will further develop and improve, in close collaboration with the Sales team, our distribution system and sales channels and increase our market presence and share.
  • You optimize in close collaboration with the group supply chain manager the logistic processes and improve the complete supply chain to maximize Biobest Group sales.
  • For this purpose, you will need to establish a local office at an optimal location.
  • Specific R&D projects related to Germany will be executed in close collaboration with the group R&D Director.

People Management

You organize regular management meetings, bringing together team members from across Germany, and you interact regularly with your direct reports to monitor progress and to support decisions of general interest. 

  • You will draft yearly organisational goals in line with the Biobest Group strategic objectives and targets. These objectives will then be cascaded down to the local team relevant to their responsibilities.
  • You are a key resource person to your entire team so to support team motivation and coordinated action towards shared objectives.
  • You take responsibility to set up local company policies in line with Biobest Group policies (e.g., regarding organization of the work, administrative procedures, ordering processes, SIOP & financial controlling) and ensure, in interaction with your team, that these are implemented and complied with.

Business Development

You are responsible for the commercialization of the Biobest products in the above-mentioned sales territory. You structure the company to enable the implementation of your business plan and business strategy.

  • In close collaboration with the local sales team, you further develop the market, develop sales of new products in our core crops and set up distribution in new crops and or application fields such as fruits, soft fruits, ornamentals, and others.
  • In collaboration with your team, you manage and develop the customer portfolio and ensure market and competitor intelligence is available to support rational decision making.
  • You interact and collaborate with the Biobest Group Sales Manager and IPM & pollination Specialist (IPS) to set up sales and technical strategies. Therefore, you participate in several meetings in Germany, Belgium, and Europe.
  • You support management team members to prepare or to participate in selected meetings with key customers, suppliers or partners that have a significant potential impact on the company’s business. 


You prepare the annual budgets and objectives of Biobest Deutschland in line with the strategic objectives of the Biobest Group.

  • You participate in the Global Management Review to discuss and review strategy and to present the status of progress at Biobest Deutschland.
  • You report and review progress in different business areas (sales, operations, finance, business development, R&D and HR) to members of Biobest Group NV global executive team & the Biobest Group Sales Manager on a regular basis and during their visits to Germany.
  • You are the end responsible for an up to date forecast for the German market to ensure timely availability of goods produced by Biobest Group to Biobest Deutschland.
  • You manage the input from the market through the sales team and update this information on a timely basis to allow production of this forecasted quantities and to minimize shortages on the one hand and overproduction on the other hand.
  • You ensure that monthly and annual financial, sales and operational reports are provided to Biobest Group, you flag deviations from plan and proposes and take corrective action as may be required.
  • You are responsible to maximize intercompany purchases and to minimize the need for local purchases from competitors.

Regulatory & Legal Affairs

  • You ensure that Biobest Deutschland operates in compliance with German law in all matters seeking professional guidance when appropriate.
  • You are responsible for Biobest Germany’s health and safety policy in compliance with German law. 
  • You are responsible that all relevant products for the German market (beneficials, biopesticides, biofertilizers, monitoring products etc.) have the necessary local registrations and that the correct labels are used. The group compliance team can assist here where applicable.

What do we expect from you?

  • You are passionate about sustainable agriculture. If you have a background in Agro-science, Bio-engineering or other relevant discipline, that would be a plus.
  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit and hands on mentality.
  • You have experience in leading and stimulating a team by coaching, delegating, and creating trust within the work environment.
  • You demonstrate sound strategic thinking and the ability to identify, prioritize and resolve key project and partnership issues.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to lead, engage, focus, negotiate, and resolve.
  • You have knowledge of accounting and some experience with ERP systems (SAP).
  • You are fluent in English and German.
  • You are willing to travel within the sales territory and to Belgium on a regular basis.

What can you expect from us?

  • Biobest Group offers you the opportunity to make a significant impact to the business and to a more sustainable horticulture in a key decision-making position.
  • The group guarantees a worldwide service coverage thanks to geographical dispersed subsidiaries, production locations, sales representatives, and technical experts.
  • Our joint efforts achieve double-digit annual growth, and we retain a continuous focus on sustainability as well as social responsibility initiatives.
  • A close-knit team of colleagues, each with their own domain of expertise, ensures a great atmosphere and a winning mentality.
  • You will receive an employee contract with a competitive salary package, supplemented with extra-legal benefits.

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