Sep 28, 2023

Act now for rapid control of turf beetle larvae with B-Green



To stop beetle grubs damaging lawns, golf courses and sports turf this autumn, apply our efficient and fast-acting biological control B-Green now. 

Feeding on root hairs, chafer beetle (Phyllopertha horticola) grubs can be a challenging pest. With an annual life cycle, the grubs hatch mid-summer and can cause extensive damage through autumn months. Grass infested with grubs often becomes detach from its roots, leading to unsightly dead patches in lawns and significant and costly damage to golf greens and sports turf.

Curative control

“Containing the microscopic beneficial nematode Heterorhabditis bacteriophora, B-Green is 100% natural and proving highly effective at controlling soil-dwelling beetle larvae,” explains Ines De Craecker, Biobest product manager for beneficials.

Targeting grubs

“Sprayed onto the grass or turf, these tiny parasitic nematodes immediately target the chafer grubs feeding below the surface. Providing rapid control, the nematodes invade the grubs through their natural orifices and release a symbiotic bacterium, killing them within 1-2 days.” 
“Prolonging the control period, B-Green nematodes multiply inside the cadaver releasing a further generation of infective juveniles; these immediately head off in search of further prey.”

Best results

For optimum results the soil temperature needs to remain above 14°C for two weeks following application.

A natural living product, it is important to follow the B-Green storage and application instructions carefully. On arrival, packs are best stored in a refrigerator at 2-6°C. To apply, suspend the nematodes in water stirring regularly, to ensure they remain well dispersed, before spraying on to areas to be treated. For further information, consult the B-Green user manual via

“Don’t delay,” says Ines. “Now is an ideal time to apply B-Green. This year’s grubs are still small, so the damage caused so far will be limited.” 

As well as being highly effective against garden chafer and Welsh chafer larvae, B-Green is recommended for use in soft fruit and ornamental crops to control other soil-dwelling beetle pests, including black vine weevil larvae (Otiorhynchus sulcatus).