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Efficient parasitic wasp, Trissolcus basalis  is offering relief in the fight against the southern green stinkbug Nezara viridula   

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Trissolcus-System – fundamental to the control of Nezara 

Trissolcus basalis – parasitic wasp targeting Nezara viridula

  • Plays central role in Nezara control strategies – only parasitic wasp thatoffers relief in the biological control of the southern green stinkbug 
  • Cosmopolitan species – can be widely used    
  • Excellent search behaviour – can detect and parasitise egg masses of Nezara

How does Trissolcus-System work?   

  • Highly effective– Trissolcus larvae will develop inside the Nezara eggs and after pupation a new adult parasitic wasp will emerge
  • Evidence of parasitism – parasitized eggs will change in color; from glossy white to beige-brown to grey
  • A good combination of Trissolcus-System, accurate scouting and mechanical measures is recommended to control Nezara populations

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