Trap-ID™ Yellow

A compact and easy to use sticky trap designed for effortless monitoring and scouting of most flying insects with our Trap-Eye™ and Trap-Scanner™. Offering durability and early detection to control pest development.

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Trap-ID™ Easy manageable sticky traps for early and rapid detection of flying pests

  • Highly effective - yellow is very attractive to flying insects, such as whiteflies, thrips, fungus gnat, aphids and leafminer
  • Enables timely intervention – for detecting new infestations or monitoring size of existing pest populations
  • Easy manageable due to size -  for fast counting
  • Compatible with Trap-Eye™/Trap-Scanner™- easy alignment with the crop view of cameras due to the black border
  • Monitoring area optimised - with glue within the black order on one or both side(s)
  • Sustainable sticky trap - recyclable due to carton/paper material

For best results

Count pest insects on the sticky trap at least once a week.

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