Contact insecticide, based on natural pyrethrins, giving rapid knock down of harmful insects.  

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SPYRO® - broad spectrum insecticide giving rapid knock-down

Containing natural pyrethrins, it degrades quickly

  • Fast-acting contact insecticide – based on 5% natural pyrethrins, combined with adjuvant piperonyl butoxide (PBO).
  • Broad spectrum of activity – controls range of harmful insects
  • Acts quickly – fast knock-down effect
  • Quickly degrades – pyrethrum is not persistent in the environment
  • Convenient – safety period is just 1 day
  • Highly concentrated – to treat 1 ha requires 0.65L of SPYRO®

How does SPYRO® work?

  • Non-systemic action, complete leaf surface coverage is essential for good pest control
  • On contact, natural pyrethrins bind with insect's nervous system leading to paralysis and rapid kill

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