Premium Hive

Large bumblebee colony delivering reliable pollination for 6-8 weeks. Extendable ventilation system to keep hive cool when temperature exceeds 26°C.   

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Premium Hive – large bumblebee colony delivering extended pollination period

Why growers choose our Premium Hive 

  • Large bumblebee colony- each hive contains 110+ workers
  • Long lasting activity - delivers pollination for 6 to 8 weeks
  • Extendable ventilation to keep cool – at temperature above 26°C, use extendable ventilation system. Bumblebees perform best at 8-32°C and 50-80% humidity
  • Care-free nutrition system – each hive contains a Biogluc® bottle
  • Optional pollen tray – available on request

What are the special design features?

  • Well designed - each hive contains three brood boxes with separate Biogluc® feed stations
  • For ease of use, the hive has ‘flight opening’ and ‘Bee-Lock’ system

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