Elevated scouting accuracy/efficiency, OKO digitalises the IPM workflow - driving value by optimising greenhouse IPM while delivering data-driven cost savings.    

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OKO – bringing the IPM dream team to your greenhouse

Driving value by delivering data-driven cost savings

  • Provides immersive 8K visibility of every row – 360° virtual walk, for remote crop inspection to external consultation
  • Simplifies record keeping – scouting input directly through LCD touch screen, keeps data organised in ecoation platform
  • Deliver key information / alerts – via powerful and intuitive, ecoation dashboard
  • Improves analytics – growers and Biobest advisors have access to visual breakdown of insights and risk projections through web and mobile app
  • Boosts scouting efficiency - live alerts bring scouts’ attention to pest & disease as they drive along row, enabling on the spot confirmation & task assignment
  • Improves IPM efficacy – drives value by delivering data-driven cost savings by identifying areas for labour / materials cost savings

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