Multi-Hive Turbo

Three separate colonies in weather-resistant box, this turbo-charged hive delivers reliable 4-6 weeks pollination in short-flowering field crops.  

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Multi-Hive Turbo – super charged pollination for short-flowering outdoor crops

Why growers choose Multi-Hive Turbo

  • Highly convenient for short-flowering outdoor crops – contains three separate bumblebee colonies
  • Weather resistant hive – designed to stands up to outdoor conditions
  • Reliable pollination activity for up to 4 weeks – Multi-Hive Turbo contains over 600 workers
  • Maintenance free – each hive has its own integral feed station - 3 bottles of Biogluc®

What are the special design features?

  • Well designed - each hive contains three brood boxes with separate Biogluc® feed stations
  • For ease of use, the hive has ‘flight opening’ and ‘Bee-Lock’ system

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