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Breeding systems sachets for continuous release of Transeius montdorensis predatory mites to control whiteflies & thrips.  

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Montdorensis-Breeding-System – steady stream of predatory mites to combat whitefly and thrips

Efficient sachets deliver resilient predatory mites over several weeks

  • Voracious predator -Transeius montdorensis actively seeks out prey devouring around 10 a day
  • Efficient generalist predator – devours greenhouse & tobacco whitefly eggs and larvae, first and second thrips larval stages as well as spider mites, broad mites & russet mites
  • Robust – survives high temperatures/dry conditions & remains active at lower temperatures/light conditions
  • Feeds on pollen – will remain in the crop even in absence of prey
  • Boost predator development – feed with supplementary feed Nutrimite™ to help create ‘standing army’

Why are breeding sachets so effective?

  • Sachets contain food – bran carrier and factitious prey - for the predatory mites
  • Montdorensis mites multiply inside the sachets and disperse into the crop
  • Continual release of predatory mites over six weeks

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