Mini Hive Seed Production

Convenient, maintenance-free small hive containing bumblebees - providing 2-3 weeks reliable pollination activity for cages.   

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Mini Hive Seed Production - reliable, maintenance-free bumblebee pollination for cages

Why growers choose Mini Hive Seed Production

  • Highly convenient - small colony of bumblebees ideal for pollination in small cages
  • Reliable pollination activity lasting 2-3 weeks – each hive contains 10-15 workers
  • Maintenance free - each hive has its own feed station - bottle of Biogluc®

What are the special design features?

  • With a recyclable cardboard outer box, each hive contains a brood box and separate Biogluc® bottle
  • For ease of use, Mini Hive Seed Production hives have a ‘flight opening’ and ‘Bee-Lock’

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