Beneficial nematode Steinernema kraussei for sustainable, effective control of vine weevil grubs.

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Kraussei-System – rapid control of evil vine weevil grubs

Parasitic nematodes offer relief, even at low temperatures

  • Rapid knock-down and long-term protection - from vine weevil larvae (Otiorhynchus sulcatus)
  • Wide application window - Steinernema kraussei nematodes are effective at soil temperatures as low as 5°C and up to 30°C
  • Easy to use - and safe for humans, animals and environment and not pest resistance issues

How Kraussei-System works

  • Parasitic nematodes contain insect-killing symbiotic bacterium
  • Infectious juvenile nematodes penetrate host through natural openings
  • Once in body cavity, releases symbiotic bacteria to quickly killed host
  • Nematodes multiply in the cadaver
  • New infectious nematodes released to search for more soil-dwelling pest grubs

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