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Isonet® T

Mating disruption pheromone for Tomato leafminer. Easy to use pheromone dispenser disorientates male moths - preventing / slowing down next generation.  

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Isonet® T – reliable mating disruption pheromone limiting Tuta absoluta damage

Quickly disorientates male moths

  • Mating disrupted (slowed or prevented) - microcapillary dispenser contains extremely high dose of Tuta absoluta (Phtorimaea absoluta) female pheromone
  • Crop damaged limited – progeny reduced as disorientated male moths cannot find females to mate with
  • Compatible with crop protection products – Isonet® T can be used alongside other biological, IPM and chemical control products
  • Authorised in organic cultivation
  • Quick and easy to use - no MRL or waiting times

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