Flying Doctors® Hive (B.t.)

Reliable pollination with effort-free crop protection. Adapted hive with integrated dispenser system, for biopesticides or pre-collected pollen - bumblebees deliver to flowers.  

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Flying Doctors Hive – unique system delivering precision biocontrol and enhanced pollination

Targeted product delivery to flowers – saving time and money

  • Combines reliable pollination & crop protection - bumblebees deliver specially formulated microbial pesticides while pollinating
  • Higher fruit quality and yield – alternatively, use with pre-collected pollen to boost pollination in fruit - such as pears, kiwi and cherries
  • Major product savings – targeted delivery improves product efficiency
  • Considerable labour savings - bumblebees do the job for you
  • Helps stay within maximum residue levels - by facilitating use of biopesticides, which also reduce risk of resistance build-up.

Entomovectoring – picking up and delivering

  • Specially adapted hive – unique patented system with integrated dispenser tray
  • Exiting hive, bumblebee passes through dispenser – tray contains specially formulated biopesticide or pre-collected pollen, which sticks to it
  • Delivers direct to flower - biopesticide, or pre-collected pollen delivered as bumblebee goes about pollination work.

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