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Highly mobile, voracious predator of spider mite Feltiella acarasuga larvae devour all development stages.

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Feltiella-System – highly mobile predator that homes in on spider mite

Merciless gall midge larvae devours several species

  • Larvae predates on various spider mite species – including two spotted spider mite and carmine spider mite
  • Females have excellent searching ability – homes in on hotspots, where it can lay more than 100 eggs
  • Feeds on any development stage immediately on hatching, Feltiella acarisuga larvae start feeding
  • Voracious appetite – each larvae consumes up to 30 spider mites in any developmental stage
  • Remains active in spring and autumn - withstands cold and dark weather
  • Adult gall midges feed on pollen and nectar – no risk of gall forming
  • Supplied in 100% biodegradable packaging -making waste disposal easier

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