Fast, efficient automated dispenser to help optimise biocontrol programmes, while saving labour. 

Highly flexible, as it can be easily configured, to suit different beneficial mites/insects, crops & growing systems.

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Entomatic™ – adaptable automated dispenser for fast even distribution of beneficials

Helps reduce labour while optimising biocontrol

  • Improves biocontrol – automated dispenser delivers fast and even distribution of beneficials
  • Saves labour – operated by one person, 2-16 dispensing points simultaneously apply beneficials in multiple rows /to large areas
  • Use in most crops – highly versatile, simple modular machine, it can be configured to suit most glasshouse crops
  • Adaptable to different growing system - no pipe rail, no problem! It can be mounted on existing  carts, tractors or spraying equipment
  • Simple to use – Entomatic has been designed to be easy to configure and intuitive to use

How it works

  • Entomatic™ generates an airflow into which the insects or mites plus carrier are gently and homogenously introduced
  • Beneficials travel through the flexible tubes to up to 16 dispensing points and are released onto the crop

Gentle, continuous and homogeneous mixing in 25L reservoir (lower and upper mixers)

Highly accurate dosing rotator for continuous and homogeneous supply to dispensing points

Adjustable dispensing point for gentle application on the leaves of your crop (no waste)

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