Droso Trap®

Specially designed spherical red pheromone trap for timely detection /monitoring and trapping of Drosophila suzukii/spotted wing drosophila (SWD).  

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Droso Trap® - optimising D. suzukii detection and monitoring

Used with DrosAttract® to outperforms other traps

  • Attracts D. suzukii – these spherical, red pheromone traps mimic attractive fruit attracting Drosophila which fly in and drown
  • Timely detection of new infestation / population size – enables intervention at ideal moment
  • Outperforms other traps – used with Dros'Attract® attractant, traps more fruit flies compared to other attractants - such as apple cider vinegar
  • Attracts adult male and female fruit flies
  • For best results - monitor D. suzukii in the trap at least once per week for a representative result.

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