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Voracious predatory ladybird, Delphastus catalinae, for control of both tobacco whitefly and greenhouse whitefly. 

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Delphastus-System - small ladybird with huge appetite for whiteflies

Gets on top of whitefly hotspots

  • Specialist whiteflypredator – feeds exclusively on tobacco whitefly Bemisia tabaci & greenhouse whitefly Trialeurodes vaporariorum
  • Highly effective – both larvae and adults voracious predators of all stages of whitefly but prefers early stages.
  • Gives curative control of large hotspots- Delphastus larvae & adults need over 10.000 whitefly eggs or 700 larvae to survive
  • Season long activity - Delphastus not diapause sensitive and can survive colder periods
  • Highly efficient – avoids pest larvae already parasitised (controlled) by parasitic wasps.

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