Fast-acting biopesticide, based on Bacillus thuringiensis, with good efficacy against leaf-eating butterfly / moth caterpillars.   

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DELFIN® - fast-acting biological caterpillar control

Stops caterpillar feeding fast

  • Biopesticide – natural product containing bacterial preparation based on Bacillus thuringiensis spp. kurstaki, strain SA-11
  • Specifically controls leaf-eating caterpillars – of butterflies and moths on various crops
  • Fast-acting – rapid effect
  • Good control - proven efficacy
  • Excellent crop coverage - due to fine particles
  • Apply early – at start of cultivation, during introduction of other beneficials.
  • Pest resistance unlikely - relies on several toxins reducing sensitivity to resistance development

How does DELFIN® work?

  • Caterpillars eat leaves treated with DELFIN®
  • Protein crystals are broken down into toxins that bind to, and break down, the intestinal wall
  • Feeding stops and caterpillars die a few days later
  • Young caterpillars are more sensitive

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