Predatory mite Amblyseius degenerans targets young thrips larvae – especially in young flowers.    

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Degenerans-System - predatory mite hungry for thrips larvae

Highly effficient at targetting young larvae - particularly in flowers

  • Targets very young thrips larvae in flowers – more efficiently than Amblyseius cucumeris
  • Highly mobile and more conspicuous – due to larger size and darker colour
  • Builds strong population quickly - with the help of Nutrimite™ feed supplement and can also survive on pollen
  • Efficient at low humidity – A. degeneranseggs can tolerate dry conditions
  • Does not enter diapause – can be introduced in wintertime without any problems
  • Additional effect – also feeds on several spider mite species
  • Highly effective in combination with Orius-System, Amblyseius-System and Swirkii-System.

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