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Effective and efficient biocontrol of several mealybug species with Cryptolaemus montrouzieri.  

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Cryptolaemus-System - destroys mealybug hotspots

Voracious wolf in sheep’s clothing

  • Highly voraciousCryptolaemusmontrouzieri larvae and adults feed on mealybug
  • Control wide range of mealybug including citrus mealybug Planococcus citri and obscure mealybug Pseudococcus viburni
  • Actively searches out pest – adult ladybirds are highly mobile
  • Inconspicuously penetrate pest coloniesCryptolaemus larvae are covered in white waxy threads mimicking mealybug larvae
  • Can survive on alternative prey – such as aphids and scale insect - if mealybug numbers low

Why Cryptolaemus-System is so successful

  • Fecund - female ladybirds lay up to 400 eggs in pest hotspots
  • Voracious appetite - can consume 30-70 prey a day
  • Controls every stage - predates on eggs, young and adult mealybugs

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