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A true generalist predator, Chrysoperla carnea lacewing has voracious appetite for all agriculturally important aphid species. 

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Chrysopa-E-System – true generalist predator with healthy appetite for all aphids

Easy to distribute eggs facilitate good establishment throughout greenhouse

  • Feeds on all aphids – this lacewing predates on all agriculturally important species
  • Highly voraciousChrysoperla carnea larvae consume up to 50 aphids daily, up to 600 during development, including large prey
  • Seeks out pest hotspots - egg-laying females search out large aphid colonies
  • Prolific – single female can lay 20 eggs daily – 400 in total
  • True generallst – also feeds on mealybugs, spider mite, thrips, whiteflies and some small caterpillars

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