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Breeding sachets for continuous Amblyseius californicus predator release for control of a variety of spider mite species.    

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Californicus-Breeding-System - continuous stream of hungry predatory mites feast on pest mites

Breeding sachets offer continuous release of predatory mites

  • Attacks harmful mites – two-spotted mite, broad mite & cyclamen mite
  • Strong preference for two-spotted spider mite – also commonly known as glasshouse spider mite or red spider mite (Tetranychus urticae)
  • Controls all stages – eggs, nymphs and adults
  • Most effective at low prey density
  • Can be used preventatively – A. californicus can survive without prey, feeding on pollen or Nutrimite
  • Tolerates changing climate conditions – including warm and dry, or cooler temperatures.

Why are breeding sachets so effective?

  • Sachets contain food – bran carrier and factitious prey - for the predatory mites
  • A. californicus mites multiply inside the sachets and disperse into the crop
  • Continual release of predatory mites over 6 weeks.

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