Bug-Scan® Yellow

Durable yellow sticky trap, with handy grid to aid pest counts. For timely detection of new flying pest infestations and monitoring pests’ population sizes.  

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Bug-Scan® Yellow - rapid reliable detection of flying pests with handy counting aid

Helpful grid simplifies pest counts

  • Highly effective - yellow is very attractive to flying insects, such as whiteflies, fungus gnat, aphids and leafminer
  • Enables timely intervention – for detecting new infestations or monitoring size of existing pest populations
  • Counting made easier – thanks to grid on sticky trap
  • Monitoring area optimised - with glue on both sides
  • Highly durable - made from strong, recycled plastic the trap retains its shape in high temperatures / humidities
  • Long-lasting glue - non-toxic, it is water-repellent and remains sticky in hot conditions
  • Quick to install – sticky trap has integral hook.

For best results

Count pest insects on the sticky trapat least once a week.

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