Bug-Scan® Roll Yellow

Yellow roller trap made of durable plastic, with long-lasting glue, to optimise monitoring of whitefly, fungus gnats, aphids & leafminer and to create physical barriers.  

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Bug-Scan® Roll Yellow – for trapping and monitoring whitefly, sciarids, aphids and leafminer

Yellow roller trap for timely detection of new infestations, for monitoring a population already present and for creating physical barriers.

Why growers put their trust in Bug-Scan® Roll Yellow

  • Highly effective – intense yellow is very attractive to flying insect pests such as whiteflies, fungus gnats, aphids and leafminer
  • Monitoring area optimised - with glue on both sides
  • Enables timely intervention – this roller trap is relied upon by growers worldwide to detect new infestations and for monitoring the size of a population already present
  • Multi-functional - this yellow roller trap can be employed to create a physical barrier to prevent pests entering or spreading
  • Highly durable – this quality roller trap maintains its strength and colour for several months
  • Long-lasting glue - non-toxic, water-resistant and remains sticky in hot conditions
  • Easy to use - Bug-Scan® Roll has a non-sticky border on both sides (along entire length) plus non-sticky section at beginning of each roll.

Getting the best results with Bug-Scan® Roll Yellow

  • Count pests weekly for representative results
  • To prevent pests from entering greenhouse - create physical barrier by installing near windows, corridors and doors and in areas where high pest influx expected.

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