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Targeting new and large hotspots, gall midge (Aphidoletes aphidimyza) larvae predate multiple aphid species.  Egg-laying female midges home in on hotspots. 

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Aphidoletes-System - devouring aphid hotspots

Gall midge larva with voracious appetite

  • Targets aphid hotspots – female gall midges fly in search of aphid colonies to lay eggs in
  • Quick to establish – females lay up to 100 eggs per aphid hotspot
  • Controls various aphid speciesAphidoletes larvae consume most aphids
  • Highly efficient – on hatching, predatory larvae get straight to work
  • Voracious feeders – a single larva can eat up to 100 aphids
  • Relishes large hotspots – larvae kill more aphids than they need – overkill
  • Does not cause leaf damage - no gall formation.

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