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Withstands higher summer temperatures to provide reliable control of large aphids with parasitic wasp - Aphelinus abdominalis.   

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Aphelinus-System – reliable control of large aphid species

Why this parasitic wasp is so powerful

  • Widely employed to control potato aphid (Macrosiphum euphorbiae) and foxglove aphid (Aulacorthum solani).
  • Highly efficientAphelinus abdominalis controls aphid adults and nymphs
  • Long term activity – longer lifespan compared to other parasitic wasps
  • Stays put – wasp stays locally active, doesn’t swarm
  • Withstands higher summer temperatures - compared to other wasp species
  • Also host-feeds – adult wasps also feed on small aphid species contributing to control.

How does Aphelinus-System achieve such good control?

  • Female wasp punctures host and lays egg inside the aphid host
  • Parasitised aphids clearly visible -as black mummies
  • Each parasitic wasp can control 5-10 aphids/day (up to 250 in total)

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