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Reliable control of several mealybug species with parasitic wasp Anagyrus vladimiri.   

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Anagyrus-System – reliable mealybug control

Parasitic wasp with high search capacity

  • Effective against several mealybug species - citrus mealybug P. citri as well as long-tailed mealybug P. longispinus and obscure mealybug P. viburni.
  • Highly efficient – parasitic wasp Anagyrus vladimiri controls mealybug adults as well as nymphs
  • Fast acting - stops pest damage immediately
  • Active over wide temperature range - 14°C/57°F to 34°C/93°F
  • Highly effective - even at low infestation levels as has high search capacity.

How does it work 

  • Single female wasp can control up to 15 hosts per day - lays an egg inside (parasitises) the mealybug
  • Parasitised mealybugs turn in to yellow-brown mummies
  • New generation of Anagyrus parasitic wasps emerge in search of more mealybug.

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