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Individual Amblyseius cucumeris breeding system sachets deliver effective, on-going thrips control.  

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ABS System - steady stream of predatory mites keeps thrips under control

Amblyseius cucumeris multiply inside the sachets before dispersing in the crop

  • Highly voracious – predatory mites feed on thrips larvae
  • Continuous control – ABS breeding sachets release steady stream of thrips predators
  • Highly mobile – predatory mites seek out prey
  • Can be used preventatively in pollen-bearing cropsA. cucumeris can survive without prey, feeding on pollen (Nutrimite™)
  • Generalist predator – can also feed on spider mite and other small mites 

Why are breeding sachets so effective?

  • Sachets contain food – bran carrier and factitious prey - for the predatory mites
  • A. cucumeris mites multiply inside the sachets
  • Continual release of predatory mites over several weeks.

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