Dec 04, 2023

New biological product, FytoSol®, to protect Moroccan tomatoes from Cladosporium

Biobest has launched a new plant defence elicitor, FytoSol®, to provide preventative protection against tomato leaf mould Cladosporium (Passalora fulva), in Morocco.

Plant elicitors send distress signals which trigger the plant’s natural defence systems, mobilising a wide range of defences,” says Cindy Callens, Biobest product manager for biopesticides.  

A complex of oligosaccharides, FytoSol® sends a double emergency signal to plant receptors in the tomato plants and consists of two sub-components, COS and OGA. Derived from shrimp chitin, COS mimics the presence of pathogens, while OGA, which contains fruit pectins, mimics plant cell wall degradation, ie damage.”  

One of the first biological product providing protection against Cladosporium, FytoSol® should be used preventatively prior to potential infection periods or high disease pressure,” says Cindy. “For optimal effect, apply three foliar applications at 7-10 days intervals.” 

FytoSol®, as one of the first biological products providing protection against Cladosporium, should be applied preventatively prior to potential infection periods or when anticipating high disease pressure," explains Cindy. "To effectively enhance the plants' defense mechanism to the appropriate level, it is recommended to use three preventative foliar applications at intervals of 7-10 days. Should the conditions require, additional applications may be made, up to a total of five.

In recent trials in Morocco, FytoSol® was applied weekly to a tomato crop at a rate of 5L/ha. Compared to Cladosporium levels in the untreated control, the results demonstrated 60-80% efficacy against this potentially challenging fungal disease.”  

FytoSol® has no residue, MRL or phytotoxicity, there is no risk of resistance build up and it is not affected by UV or rain. With a two-year shelf life, FytoSol® can be stored at room temperature.

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