May 02, 2023

Fusarium control in annuals with ASPERELLO® T34 Biocontrol® delivers multiple benefits

Fusarium control in annuals with ASPERELLO® T34 Biocontrol® delivers multiple benefits

The biofungicide ASPERELLO® T34 Biocontrol® is gaining traction preventing fusarium wilt in propagation programmes for greenhouse-grown annuals – says Erik van der Sluys, IPM Specialist at Beneficial Insectary, part of Biobest Group. 

Rapid protection

With multiple modes of action, ASPERELLO® protects crops against a range of key soilborne diseases - including Fusarium. Containing Trichoderma asperellum strain T34, it outperforms many conventional/biological fungicides. 

“With a high spore count, ASPERELLO® offers fast protection - rapidly colonizing the root zone forming a barrier against pathogens,” explains Erik. “Through multiple modes of action, ASPERELLO® is able to outcompete pathogens, forming a relationship with the plant promoting healthy roots and plant growth.” 

Devastating disease of annuals

Fusarium is a potentially devastating disease for young plants. If mismanaged, this widespread soil-borne pathogen can quickly cause massive plant losses in the production of annuals.  

“Incorporating ASPERELLO® in the substrate provides peace of mind for growers – allowing them to focus on other areas of plant health,” says Erik. 

Practical benefits

“While being competitively priced, it also offers practical advantages, including greater application flexibility. With constant agitation, ASPERELLO® suspends easily in water and can be efficiently applied using a boom system. In contrast, other Trichoderma products are less soluble and therefore generally applied with a hydraulic sprayer - to avoid blocking boom lines.   

“Most nurseries need to store an assortments of pest control products in their storage refrigerator - making space a premium. With significantly smaller packaging than other Trichoderma products, ASPERELLO® takes up less space.  

Summing up Erik says; “All in all, it offers superior performance along with a number of practical and labour-saving benefits.”