Jun 10, 2022

For latest IPM & high-tech monitoring innovations – visit Biobest at GreenTech

Leading the way developing IPM, scouting solutions and tailored advice for protected crops worldwide, Biobest will be exhibiting in GreenTech Amsterdam’s Cannabis Pavilion (booth 05.542CA.)

The stand will showcase new products - such as Micromus-System to boost aphid control – as well as our growing range of 100% biodegradable packaging. Other highlights include Biobest’s state-of-the-art technological solutions designed to enrich its technical support and empower growers of cannabis, and other protected crops, across the globe.

Two Biobest product innovations have been shortlisted for the GreenTech Awards. Micromus-System, a unique and effective addition to control all common aphid species found in protected crops, is a contender for the GreenTech Innovation Award - for the most revolutionary idea.

Micromus-System is the first commercial brown lacewing biological control in Europe.  Micromus angulatus larvae as well as adults are generalist predators of all common aphid species. The voracious adults consume up to 100 aphids per day, live considerably longer than other commercial aphid solutions and operate within a wider temperature range - from 10°C up to 30°C. This robust lacewing is supplied in a 100% biodegradable carton - designed to optimise release of adults while simplifying waste disposal.

Biobest’s Trap-Eye™, patent pending and developed in conjunction with PATS is a finalist for the GreenTech Concept Award for most promising new idea. Establishing a wireless computer vision network, it employs cost efficient cameras to automatically gather pictures and count pest and beneficial insects using an AI neural network. Offering accurate, high-density scouting, it saves labour, improves monitoring accuracy, and empowers growers to customise IPM programmes remotely. The system is a cost-efficient solution that employs 40 Trap-Eye™ units per hectare to create a dense insect monitoring network.

To step up your IPM game, come to the Biobest stand in the Cannabis Pavilion to find out how inventive automation and artificial intelligence are providing the newest monitoring solutions.

GreenTech Amsterdam 2022 provides a platform for world horticulture and takes place 14-16 June at the Amsterdam RAI.